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Our mission

  • Sustainable sporting: This mission focuses on promoting sustainability in the realm of sports. It could involve initiatives such as reducing the environmental impact of sporting events, encouraging eco-friendly practices within sports organizations, or promoting sustainable lifestyles and choices among athletes and fans. This mission aligns with the broader global efforts to address climate change and promote sustainable development.
  • Employment opportunities: This mission aims to create and expand employment opportunities within the sports industry. It could involve initiatives such as promoting diversity and inclusion in sports-related professions, developing training programs for aspiring athletes, coaches, or sports administrators, or fostering entrepreneurship and job creation in sports-related sectors. This mission recognizes the potential of sports to generate economic growth and provide meaningful employment opportunities.
  • Sport as business: This mission recognizes that sports can be a significant economic driver and focuses on leveraging sports as a business. It involves strategies to maximize the commercial potential of sports, such as attracting investments, enhancing sponsorship and advertising opportunities, developing sports-related infrastructure, and utilizing technology to improve the fan experience. This mission aims to create a thriving sports industry that benefits stakeholders and contributes to economic development.
  • Story on unheard: This mission revolves around amplifying the voices and experiences of marginalized or underrepresented individuals within the world of sports. It seeks to tell stories that have been overlooked or ignored, giving a platform to individuals who have historically been unheard. This mission can involve initiatives such as promoting diversity in sports media coverage, highlighting inspiring stories of athletes from underrepresented backgrounds, or addressing social issues within the sports community. The aim is to promote inclusivity, social justice, and equality within the sports world.